Upgrade your payroll package.

Get all the Payroll One fundamentals plus unlock access to digital timesheets and advanced leave management with Payroll Two. Or, try Payroll Three and get labour costing to track your costs by job and department.


What's the big deal?

The launch of Smartly on 22 November has hatched some new payroll packages with new and improved features designed make your payroll even simpler.

You can upgrade your payroll package to either Payroll Two or Three to gain access to some awesome features.

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Plans and pricing

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Pay cycle
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  • Monthly
How complex is your payroll?
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*Indicative costs only. Actual pricing may vary monthly depending on number of employees and pay cycles at a rate of $1.99 per employee per pay cycle. Plus the number of employees paid per month at $1.99 per employee per month (Payroll Two and Three only).

Everything in Payroll One plus advanced leave management and timesheets.

What you get with Payroll Two.

Advanced Leave Management.

Make managing leave across the team even simpler. The new advanced leave management feature unlocks projected leave balances, giving employees visibility on how much leave they have now and how much they’ll have earned when they take leave, then how much they’ll have left after their time off.

Plus, managers are now granted a new superpower – the ability to edit and submit timesheets on behalf of their happy employees. Easy. 

This leaves management is a breeze


Give more power to your people and save yourself time. We’ve improved the design of our timesheets so it’s now super simple for your employees to draft and submit weekly hours and for managers to approve in the app. See all submitted timesheets with one single calendar view. Plus, the week is now in sync with the pay period. If your employee is paid from Thursday to Wednesday that’s what they’ll see. Nice.

This leaves management is a breeze

Everything in Payroll One and Two, plus labour costing.

What you get with Payroll Three.

Labour Costing.

Labour costing shouldn’t be hard work, so we made tracking and reporting on project or department hours and labour costing easier!

With Payroll Three you will have access to all Payroll Two features plus our new and improved labour costing feature so, it’s even simpler to allocate costs. The fresh new look means everything is in an easier to use format and still has the great labour costing functionality we all love.

This leaves management is a breeze


Why is there an error once I submit the form?

If the “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA tick box does not load properly, this may show an error after you click “Submit”. This means your submission didn’t come through to us. To fix it, try refreshing your page to allow it to load or try opening the page in a different browser. Don’t worry if you need to submit more than once, we will only get your most recent submission of the form.

Why has it changed?

We know that our customers’ businesses are all unique and have different complexities. Breaking the features into different packages gives you more choice by giving the flexibility to pick which packages, features and price suits your business best.

What will my new monthly cost be on Payroll Two?

Use the plan calculator above to work out what Payroll Two would cost you.

What will my new monthly cost be on Payroll Three?

Use the plan calculator above to work out what Payroll Three would cost you.

When will my new upgrade be ready for me to use?

Please allow up to 5 business days to process your upgrade request via the form. We will let you know when your upgraded plan is ready.

Will I get charged if I downgrade before the end of the month?

If you sign up to Payroll Two or Payroll Three you will be charged the higher payroll plan price at the end of the next full month you have been on the plan.

What do I get with Payroll Two?

You will get all the Payroll One features, which is all the basics you need to run a pay, plus features you can only get on Payroll Two or higher, such as digital timesheets and advanced leave management. Check out the feature breakdown in the plans above.

What do I get with Payroll Three?

You will gain access to labour costing, which means you can track and report on hours by job or department, and send this data through to your accounting package – automatically if you use Xero. Check out the plan features in the plans above.

What will I lose if I downgrade to Payroll One?

You will lose access to advanced leave management and digital timesheets. Check out the plan features in the plans above.

Still have questions?

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