Smartly makes it easy for you and your clients to run a pay

Smartly Payroll is free for referral partners to use for their own business, and helps you and your clients to stay compliant with the Holidays Act, IRD and more. The simple way to sort your payroll.

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   We know that payroll can be a headache


At Smartly, we make it simple to pay your people on time, accurately and in line with legislation. Plus, our Kiwi-based team have got your back if you run into something tricky. Faff-free payroll, happy clients, no headaches. 

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Some of our awesome partner benefits
Free access to Smartly's plans.
Dedicated sales support.
Flyers, brochures and guides.
Exclusive promotions.
Event sponsoring by arrangement.
Over 40 trained payroll specialists to support you and your clients with payroll.
Regular communications and newsletters.
Smartly Payroll training.
Extra opportunities for some partners, including testimonials and branding on
  • Accuracy and compliance
    Accuracy and compliance
    Our plans include the fundamentals, so pays can be sorted on time, accurately and in compliance with legislation. Including annual leave in weeks!
  • Too easy!
    Too easy!
    Smartly’s whole reason for existence is to make payroll simple. Hours logged. Pay run approved. Payments made direct to employees’ bank accounts and PAYE payments made automatically too.
  • Reporting and visibility
    Reporting and visibility
    Easily track and report on all things payroll! From employee pay summaries to all the necessary reports for IRD. Plus, it’s easy to export files.

400+ Kiwi accountant firms use Smartly

Our most popular features for accountants

How It Works
Umbrella view
With Smartly Payroll, you get umbrella access to all your client’s payroll in one view. Simply switch between clients as you need, all in one place. Simple.
Automatic payments
Run a pay, and then we’ll automatically make your payments to employees, IRD, KiwiSaver and more.
PAYE intermediary service/payday filing
Payments to the IRD are sorted with our PAYE intermediary service. Don’t worry about IRD penalties for missing PAYE payment deadlines – we automatically sort these payments for you along with payday filing requirements.
Safe and secure
We take the safety and security of our customers’ data and transactions very seriously. The Smartly product is certified against ISO27001, which basically means we go above and beyond to keep you safe and secure, always.
Need help? If you want to know how to do anything on Smartly, we’ve got you! Check out our Help Centre or give one our expert payroll specialists a call.
Set-up and training
When you sign up, we’ll set up a one-to-one training session tailored to your needs. Run over Zoom, we’ll take you through your first pay step by step. Plus, there’s loads of online guides and demo videos if you get stuck at any time.
Migration from other payroll systems
We’re here to help if you’re switching from another payroll provider. It’s as easy as sending a few reports, loading employee details and you’re good to go!
Xero integration
Send payroll information straight to Xero from Smartly, giving you more visibility into business performance and productivity. Automatically have your payroll information accurately and efficiently flow through to your accounting system every pay run.
Employee self-service
More power to your clients. Employees can access their payslips, manage their leave, submit timesheets and cost their hours – all through the Smartly app. Managers can also review and approve their team’s requests either through the app or the manager’s web portal.
Cloud-based payroll
Access your payroll on the go and from anywhere. Smartly is a cloud-based software solution for you and your clients.
Labour costing
Split and cost allowances, leave and one-off payments separately across jobs or departments and automatically send through to Xero. Get the visibility and reporting you need to stay on top of your business.

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