Guides and demos

We’ve put together a range of step-by-step guides and demo videos that cover all the key things you need to know when using Smartly. Simple!

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Our guides

  • Labour costing
    Assign employee hours and more across accounts, departments and jobs. A complete guide to labour costing Download guide
  • Running a pay
    Everything you need to know about sorting pays in Smartly's Payroll One plan. Download guide
  • Timesheeting
    Ditch the paper timesheets and confidently track and manage your team's hours. Download guide
  • Public holiday guide
    Public holidays can add complexity to payroll, to help you we've put a guide covering common scenarios for Easter and ANZAC Day. Download guide
  • COVID-19 support payments guide
    How to record COVID-19 support payments in Smartly, plus common FAQ’s and employee scenarios. Download guide
  • Xero integration guide
    A complete guide to setting up and using our Xero integration feature in Smartly. Download guide
  • Managers portal guide
    A complete guide to using your managers portal. Download guide
  • Reporting guide
    Smartly’s everything-at-a-glance visibility makes reporting a breeze. Download guide
  • Smartly mobile app
    A complete guide to using the Smartly mobile app. Download guide
  • Christmas payroll guide
    Christmas payroll can be complex, so we've put together a handy guide to answer all your FAQ's this silly season. Download guide
  • Leave calendar
    See who's on leave, who's planning leave and when, all from our easy leave calendar view. Download guide

SmartPayroll guides


Find our SmartPayroll guides here. You'll find these useful if you're using the 'classic' view in Smartly.

Our demo videos

Smartly app


More power to your people. Our brand-new mobile app makes it even simpler for staff to view payslips, request leave and more (depending on the payroll plan you choose). Watch this video for everything you need to know about the Smartly app. 


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Introducing Smartly


An overview of the changes that launched on 22 November 2021. New look, new app, new reporting function and more.


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Generate reports


Using our new reports generator is super simple with Smartly Payroll.

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How to set up and use labour costing


Easily track and report on labour costs by job or department. We’ll show you how in this quick demo video.


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Managers portal


If your business has people leaders who are responsible for managing their team leave and timesheets, this video shows them how to use their managers portal.


Managers portal

Christmas payroll — Mondayisation of public holidays


We've covered two common employee scenarios, and how to enter their pays in Smartly when public holidays are Mondayised.


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Christmas payroll — Adding annual leave into multiple pay periods


Christmas pays are complex, with employees often taking leave over multiple weeks. If you're heading off on holiday, learn how to enter pays up to 30 days in advance. 


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Help Centre

Our help centre includes all of our easy-to-follow guides, demo videos, and step by step instructions for over a hundred Smartly payroll topics, with more being added weekly! If you have any further questions, you’ll most likely find the answers there.

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If it’s a trickier query, give us a call on 0800 10 10 38 or hit the get in touch button below. We love helping you make the complex simple. 

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