Payroll for 100+ employees

Smartly Payroll is faff-free payroll. Automate payments, calculate leave in line with legislation, digitise timesheets, report on all things payroll and more. We help make it easy to manage payroll across salary and wages, contractors, apprentices and everything in between. The simple way to sort your payroll.

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  • Comprehensive reporting
    Comprehensive reporting
    If there’s an area of payroll you want to drill down on, you can. Simple. See timesheets, hours by project, leave balances, who’s on leave and when, who’s got too much leave, or not enough, and more.
  • Never worry about IRD fees or legislation again
    Never worry about IRD fees or legislation again
    We lie awake at night thinking about things like the Holidays Act, PAYE and new payday filing requirements. So you never have to.
  • Automated payroll
    Automated payments and calculations
    Our smart tech automatically sorts payments to accounts once a pay run's approved.

Popular features for businesses with 100+ employees

  • Labour costing
    Labour costing
    Set up a default department or split an employee’s labour costs across different departments, jobs or projects. Your employees can do this when logging their timesheets or by your payroll manager.
  • Easy workflow management
    Easy workflow management
    Easily manage workflows with Smartly! Employees can submit their time in the Smartly app, and it’ll go straight through to their manager for approval. Managers can then review and approve in the app.
  • Advanced leave management
    Advanced leave management
    More power to your people, less for you to worry about. We’ve made leave management super easy. Employees can use their app to view leave balances, log leave requests and see future leave balances.

Other popular features for businesses with 100+ employees

  • Automatic payments
    Automatic payments
    Run your pay, and then we’ll automatically make your payments to your employees, IRD, KiwiSaver and more.
  • Payday filing
    Payday filing
    Payroll information for you and your employees is automatically sent to IRD so you never have to worry about IRD penalties.
  • Employee self-service
    Employee self-service
    Manage leave, timesheets, notifications and more. Easy access to payslips and payroll information. Self-service is simple for you and your employees with Smartly.
  • Help Centre
    Help Centre
    The Help Centre is your first port of call for help. We’ve got easy-to-follow guides and product demo videos plus a searchable FAQ space with answers and step-by-step instructions.
  • Digital timesheets*
    Digital timesheets
    Timesheeting is easy with Smartly. Add, edit and submit entries all from our mobile app – plus get notified once your entry is approved. Simple!
  • PAYE sorted (payments to IRD)
    PAYE sorted (payments to IRD)
    Payments to the IRD are handled so you don’t need to worry. Never be penalised for missing IRD payment deadlines – it’s all handled by us.
  • Easy reporting interface
    Easy reporting interface
    We have a range of reports designed to make tracking and reporting on payroll super simple. From pay run reports to warning and changes reports and more. It’s also super easy to export files too.
  • Allowances
    If your team are eligible for allowances (mileage, food, accommodation), these can easily be added by you while you’re running the pay. Plus, you can bulk assign the allowance. Simple!
  • Xero integration
    Xero integration
    Send payroll information straight to Xero, giving you more visibility into business performance and productivity.
  • Standard pays – set and forget
    Standard pays – set and forget
    Do some or all of your employees get paid the same every payday? Use our auto-pay feature to set up payments to happen automatically each payday – too easy!
  • Safe and Secure
    Safe and Secure
    We take the safety and security of our customers data and transactions very seriously. The Smartly product is certified against ISO27001.
  • Assign hours to pre-defined departments and jobs
    Assign hours to pre-defined departments and jobs
    If you’re using our labour costing feature, you can assign timesheets hours to specific jobs and departments. This will help with tracking costs on projects.

Your easiest payroll decision

Our plans are designed to make payroll simple, whatever that looks like for your business.

Our DIY Payroll plan includes everything you need to sort your payroll yourself and our simple software makes it easy to get it right. Or, let us do it for you with our Managed Payroll plan and you'll get a dedicated account manager to look after your payroll for you. Too easy!

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Over 22,000 Kiwi businesses use Smartly

One smart system to sort all your payroll and people admin

From setting up new employees, to managing all their information, to sorting their pay and timesheets, Smartly lets you do it all in one place, cutting down your workload and freeing up your headspace.

How can Smartly help your business?

  • Construction
    Tradies love us. Faff-free payroll for staff, contractors and apprentices. Sorted. Learn more
  • Hospitality
    Hospitality payroll can be complex with part-timers, full-timers and contractors. Find out how Smartly makes it easy. Learn more
  • Professional services
    Track hours by job and automate staff payments in Smartly Payroll. Professional services sorted. Learn more

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