Payroll for retail

Smartly makes payroll simple for retailers. Automate staff payments, PAYE and payday filing and feel confident that your payroll is sorted in line with regulation. Plus, our handy app makes it easy for employees to log timesheets, view payslips and manage their leave. The simple way to sort your payroll.

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  • Payroll is complex, but we make it simple for you
    Payroll is complex, but we make it simple for you
    We do this by using smart tech to take care of all the complex calculations. Then automate all the payments directly to the IRD, KiwiSaver, your staff's bank accounts and more.
  • Never worry about IRD fees or legislation again
    Never worry about IRD fees or legislation again
    We lie awake at night thinking about things like the Holidays Act, PAYE and new payday filing requirements. So you never have to.
  • Free training and unlimited support
    Get free training and unlimited support
    We've got you! Our NZ based payroll experts can help via phone or email.

Popular features for retail businesses

  • Automatic payments
    Automatic payments
    The easiest way to run a pay. Once you approve a pay run, we’ll automatically make your payments to your employees, the IRD, KiwiSaver and more. So simple.
  • Ditch the paper timesheets – go digital
    Ditch the paper timesheets – go digital
    Timesheeting with Smartly is easy! Employees can log their hours in the Smartly app and send it straight to their manager for approval. Managers can review and approve in their app or browser portal.
  • Employee self-service
    Employee self-service
    Employees can access their payslips, manage their leave, submit timesheets and cost their hours – all through the Smartly app. Managers can easily review and approve their team’s requests.

Other popular features for retail businesses

  • Set-up and training
    Set-up and training
    We'll help make your set-up as easy as possible. Simply sign up and we'll grab some information from you, get your site set up and then make sure you're trained and ready to go for your first pay.
  • Help Centre
    Help Centre
    The Help Centre is your first port of call for help. We’ve got easy-to-follow guides and product demo videos plus a searchable FAQ space with answers and step-by-step instructions.
  • Payday filing
    Payday filing
    Payroll information for you and your employees is automatically sent to IRD so you never have to worry about IRD penalties.
  • PAYE sorted (payments to IRD)
    PAYE sorted (payments to IRD)
    Payments to the IRD are handled so you don’t need to worry. Never be penalised for missing IRD payment deadlines – it’s all handled by us.
  • Xero integration
    Xero integration
    Send payroll information straight to Xero, giving you more visibility into business performance and productivity.
  • Safe and Secure
    Safe and Secure
    We take the safety and security of our customers data and transactions very seriously. The Smartly product is certified against ISO27001.
  • Accurate leave calculations
    Accurate leave calculations
    No need to worry about leave calculations or compliance. Smartly has that sorted for you. We’ll set you up so you are calculating leave accurately and in compliance with the Holidays Act.
  • Compliance with the Holidays Act
    Compliance with the Holidays Act
    Smartly Payroll is up to date and compliant with the Holidays Act. We’ve got it sorted so you don’t need to stress. Keep focused on your business while we handle the complicated stuff.

One smart system to sort all your payroll and people admin

From setting up new employees, to managing all their information, to sorting their pay and timesheets, Smartly lets you do it all in one place, cutting down your workload and freeing up your headspace.

Your easiest payroll decision

Our plans are designed to make payroll simple, whatever that looks like for your business.

Our DIY Payroll plan includes everything you need to sort your payroll yourself and our simple software makes it easy to get it right. Or, let us do it for you with our Managed Payroll plan and you'll get a dedicated account manager to look after your payroll for you. Too easy!

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Over 22,000 Kiwi businesses use Smartly

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“It used to take me 6 hours to run a payroll. Now it takes me 20 minutes.”

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How can Smartly help your business?

  • 1-5 employees
    Smartly Payroll is designed with Kiwi small businesses in mind. We make it simple to pay your people and focus on your business. Learn more
  • 6-19 employees
    As your business grows and you hire more employees, you’ll want a way to keep your payroll accurate. Smartly is all about making payroll simpler for growing Kiwi businesses. Learn more
  • 20-99 employees
    Have total visibility of your team with Smartly Payroll. Comprehensive reporting, accurate and faff-free payroll. Perfect for larger businesses. Learn more

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Whether you want to find out more about our features,  the benefits of Smartly or our payroll plans - our team of payroll experts are here to help.

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