SmartPayroll to Smartly

Sounds simpler. Is simpler.

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SmartPayroll is now Smartly.


We think it’s friendlier. More modern. And most of all, simpler. Which is exactly how we’ll be changing the experience for our customers.

Our team have been working hard (making things simple isn’t easy) to take payroll automation to the next level, and we have a great new product to share with you.

Now it’s going to be even simpler for you to sort your customers’ payroll accurately, on time and in line with legislation.

Get to know the changes at Smartly

Easier to do, easier to view.


Most obvious of all, you’ll find a simple new look and layout. Customers can still run a pay the way they used to, but it’ll all be a lot nicer and a lot easier. There’ll also be improved reporting functions, which we’re sure you’ll love.

Making payroll simpler for our customers is an ongoing focus of ours, and we’ll continue to roll out features that make it easier for customers to stay compliant with legislation and pay their teams right, every time.

How much simple do you need?


An important change is that we have new payroll plans designed to suit businesses of different sizes and complexities.

Payroll One, Two or Three? The right package for you will mostly depend on how many people you have and how varied your arrangements are.

Our most popular plan is Payroll Two, as it suits most Kiwi businesses. Plus, it includes some sweet features like advanced leave management, digital timesheets and advanced employee self-service.

If tracking and reporting on hours by job or department will make things even simpler for your business, you can jump up another level to Payroll Three.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3


Our plans are designed to make payroll simple. Choose the plan that works for your business now, and switch up or down at any time. No contracts, easy set-up and free training. 

Number of employees
Pay cycle
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
What features do you need?
Does your payroll include variable hours or allowances?
  • Timesheets
  • Labour costing
  • Timesheets + labour costing
  • Just payroll
Add additional pay cycle

Chat to an expert

It looks like your business has more than 20 employees, we’d love to chat to you about which Smartly plan would work best for your business needs and build a customised quote for you. Simply enter your details below and a Smartly solutions expert will be in touch!

*Indicative costs only. All pricing listed above excludes GST. Actual pricing may vary monthly depending on number of employees and pay cycles at a rate of $1.99 per employee per pay cycle. 

**Per employee monthly fee only charged for employees who are set up for self-service features and are paid in that month. (Payroll Two and Three only).

More power to your people


Smartly launches with a slick new mobile app for all employees, plus a web portal with brand-new features for managers.

As always, employees can easily view their payslips, see their next pay day and apply for leave at the tip of their fingers.

See the future
Ditch the paper timesheets
Sort it for them
How it works
Our new projected leave feature means employees can see how much leave they have now, how much they’ll have earned when they take leave and then how much they’ll have left. Magic.
Our new and improved digital timesheets make it even simpler for employees to log their hours. They can even put them against a specific job or department!
Everything can be reviewed by managers in their manager view before approving for payroll. Plus, they can edit and submit leave on behalf of their happy employees.

What employees access will depend on what payroll package a customer subscribes to.

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Our help service just got helpier


We know our customers are busy, so being able to quickly get help is important. That’s why we've made exciting new improvements to our help centre - giving you instant access to step by step instructions, demo videos and guides for over a hundred Smartly payroll topics, with more being added weekly.

Of course, our famously helpful helpline is still here to help you with the trickier stuff. We’ve even extended our support hours. We’re now here to help from Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm. 

Supporting our customers through the changes


Smartly is simple, and you’ll be used to things before you know it. But we know this is a big change, so to make things even easier, customers will be able to switch back to SmartPayroll at any time until the end of February 2022.

You’ll also have our new online Help Centre for super-quick answers and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and videos.

SmartPayroll to Smartly roadshow


We invited our customers along to let them know about our exciting change from SmartPayroll to Smartly! If you missed it you can re-watch it here.

Already using Smartly? Upgrade now!


Level up your plan to Payroll Two or Three to unlock new and improved features!

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