The simple way to sort your payroll

We know payroll can be a headache. At Smartly, we make it simple to pay your people on time, accurately and in line with regulation.

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    Never worry about IRD fees or legislation again
    We lie awake at night thinking about things like the Holidays Act, PAYE and new payday filing requirements. So you never have to.
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    Complex payroll made simple
    Smartly’s whole reason for existence is to make payroll simple — automating calculations and sorting countless transfers.
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    Free payroll help for all customers
    Need help? Our online Help Centre answers all the basics about using Smartly, or for anything complex call our free payroll helpline.
  • Safe and secure
    Data security maintained at the highest level
    We take the safety and security of our customers data and transactions very seriously. The Smartly product is certified against ISO27001.
It reduces the time I spend processing payroll.

Irene Lin — Finance Manager

Uprise Digital


Over 20,000 Kiwi businesses use Smartly

  • Payment Automation
    We’ll automatically make your payments to employees, IRD, KiwiSaver + more. Just approve the pay run and the payments will all be sorted for you. Too easy! Learn more
  • Employee Self-service
    More power to your people, less faffing at each pay run with our employee self-service portal. Staff can use our Smartly app to sort their leave, payslips, timesheets and more. Learn more
  • Digital Timesheets
    Your team can log their timesheets in the Smartly app. Then managers or payroll admin approve the timesheets, and they all flow seamlessly through to payroll. Learn more

Faff-free payroll software backed by Kiwi based payroll experts

Choose as much set-and-forget as you want. Feel confident your employees are being paid accurately, and you're meeting your IRD obligations, even when work hours, expenses and other arrangements are constantly changing.

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Number of employees
Pay cycle
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
What features do you need?
Does your payroll include variable hours or allowances?
  • Timesheets
  • Labour costing
  • Timesheets + labour costing
  • Just payroll
Add additional pay cycle

Chat to an expert

It looks like your business has more than 20 employees, we’d love to chat to you about which Smartly plan would work best for your business needs and build a customised quote for you. Simply enter your details below and a Smartly solutions expert will be in touch!

*Indicative costs only. All pricing listed above excludes GST. Actual pricing may vary monthly depending on number of employees and pay cycles at a rate of $1.99 per employee per pay cycle. 

**Per employee monthly fee only charged for employees who are set up for self-service features and are paid in that month. (Payroll Two and Three only).

How can Smartly help your business?

  • 1-5 employees
    Smartly helps make payroll simple, accurate and compliant. The basics done right. Learn more
  • 6-19 employees
    Automate your payments with Smartly. Free, ongoing support to make your payroll simple. Learn more
  • 20+ employees
    Get the reports and visibility you need through Smartly. Make the complex simple. Learn more

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