The Smartly app

The Smartly app makes it easy for employees to view payslips and apply for leave all in one place! Plus they can submit timesheets and labour costing. Here is everything you need to know about the new Smartly app and how to get your team set up.

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What's new in our app?

We’ve added some new functionality for all users. Managers can now easily add and edit leave and timesheets on behalf of their team. Plus, it’s even faster for employees to enter their timesheets with our new prefilled timesheets and the ability to copy from past timesheets. 

Managers can now add and edit entries on the go

Managers can now easily add and edit leave and time entries for their employees from anywhere with the Smartly app! Add entries right from the app homepage, or by navigating to the leave or timesheets pages and tapping the buttons available. Managers can add timesheets from within the timesheet card too!  

Check out our video guide or help article to learn more about these new mobile app changes.  

Timesheets are easier than ever for employees

We've made it quicker and easier for employees to enter their timesheets. The app now remembers the last timesheet entry and automatically prefills the same hours. Employees can also copy a previous week's timesheet into their current pay period if they've worked similar hours.

Check out our video guide or help article to learn more about these new mobile app changes.  

Get to know the Smartly app for employees

Give your team the power to view leave balances and payslips, request leave, submit timesheets and receive notifications. For payroll admins and team managers, approve or decline leave requests and timesheets on-the-run from your Smartly app. Simple!

For more information about the Smartly mobile app for managers, check out our video guide here.

Download the Smartly app on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store today!

The Smarly app
  • Employee leave requests
    Employee leave requests
    Managing leave has never been easier. Team members can apply for leave and they’ll be notified once it’s been approved all from their smart phone.
  • Employee timesheets
    Employee timesheets
    Timesheeting self-service with Smartly is easy. Edit timesheets, save them as drafts and continue to edit them until submitted.
  • Switching views
    Switching views
    It’s simple to switch between personal and manager view. The manager view is for team leaders and line managers to manage team leave requests and timesheets with options to approve, edit or decline.

App user guide


Here is the complete step-by-step guide to share with your team. It has everything they need to know about using the mobile app. 

New leave request app interface

Get your team set up on the Smartly app

Whether you’re DIY Payroll or Managed Payroll it’s super simple to enable and set permissions for your team on the Smartly app. If you need to update details for an employee, or change permissions for the whole team, you can do it all in our self-service screen. Too easy!

Enable or disable employees on the Smartly app

With our helpful demo video. Learn how to enable or disable the Smartly app for your employees.