The Smartly app

The Smartly app makes it easy for employees to view payslips and apply for leave all in one place! Plus they can submit timesheets if you’re on Payroll Two and labour costing on Payroll Three. Here is everything you need to know about the new Smartly app and how to get your team set up.

Get started on the Smartly app

The MySmartPayroll app will no longer be available. Your employees will need to download the new Smartly app from the Apple or Google Play store on 22 November. A list of supported software versions can be found here.


Download the Smartly app

Google Play Store

iOS App Store

App user guide


Here is the complete step-by-step guide to share with your team. It has everything they need to know about using the mobile app. 

App features included in your payroll package


What employees can access in the app depends on what payroll package you subscribe to. Find out more about Payroll packages here.

  • Payroll 1
    Payroll 1
    Employees can view their payslips and easily apply for leave and submit to their manager for approval. If you have special leave types, they can also apply for these through the app as well.
  • Payroll 2
    Payroll 2
    Everything in Payroll One, plus your team will be able to see future leave balances. They'll also have access to timesheets where they can submit hours worked straight to their manager.
  • Payroll 3
    Payroll 3
    Employees will have complete access to all features, plus they'll be able to cost their hours worked to different departments or jobs.

What your employees need to know about the new Smartly App

On 22 November we turned on the app for all employees who had a unique email address linked to their Payslips. Unless you asked us not to enable your employees. Your employees should receive an email from us on the 22nd of November with instructions on downloading the new app. They will then receive a separate email with a link to reset their password. Their unique email address will be their username.

Get them started with the Employee Self Service Guide here.

Current MySmartPayroll app users


The new Smartly app will need to be downloaded by your employees as the MySmartPayroll app will no longer be available.

To get into the Smartly app, employee login details will be the same, but they will need to set up a new PIN. If they've forgotten their password, they'll be able to reset it on their own. 

Enable or disable employees on the Smartly app

With our helpful demo video. Learn how to enable or disable the Smartly app for your employees.