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Timesheet Template for NZ employees

Looking for a simple timesheet template to use for tracking your employee’s time? Calculate timesheets easily with these free downloadable timesheet templates.


Whether you’re paying your team weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – we’ve got you covered.


We’ve put together some free timesheet templates in excel that calculate timesheet entries for payroll. They include basic formulas that act as a timesheet calculator and make it easy for you and your employees to work out total individual hours for the week and what the total pay could be before deductions such as PAYE and KiwiSaver.  


Of course, if you don’t want to be doing this manually each pay run, then we can help you ditch the manual timesheets too with our simple payroll software that has a sweet digital timeshet feature.

Weekly timesheet template


Here’s a simple template for a weekly timesheet. This would be best for businesses who pay their people weekly.

Weekly timesheet template

Download your free Weekly timesheet template here

Fortnightly timesheet template


Here’s an easy template for a fortnightly timesheet. This would be best for businesses who pay their people fortnightly.

Fortnightly timesheet template

Download your free Fortnightly timesheet template here

Monthly timesheet template


The monthly timesheet template is like the fortnightly template but simply covers more weeks (up to 5). It also includes a summary monthly view. Here’s an example of the summary monthly view. This timesheet template would be best for businesses who pay their people monthly.

Monthly timesheet template summary

Download your free Monthly timesheet template here

part-time workers
Or maybe it’s time to ditch the manual timesheets… 

Here’s 5 reasons why switching to digital timesheets could be better for your business.


1. Makes it easier for your team to access their timesheet on the go


Using a mobile app (like the Smartly app) to sort timesheets can make it way easier for your team to log their timesheets. They can simply open their app, enter their hours as they work through their week, save it as a draft until their pay period is finished, and then submit the timesheet when they’re ready to be paid. 

Timesheet in app

2. Automates workflows for easy tracking of approvals that flow through to payroll 


Digitising timesheets with a solution like Smartly can make things way simpler by keeping track of your team’s timesheet status, tracking the right approvals have been done and then sending it through to be paid. Here’s how it works:

  • Staff log their hours in the app (they can even assign hours by job or department if that is helpful for your business)

  • Then they simply submit their hours for approval by their line manager (or straight to the payroll person for approval if that’s how you do things)  

  • Once the timesheet is approved, it automatically shows up for the payroll manager to process on pay day

part-time workers

3. See a timesheet calendar view for all your employees


While excel might be okay for sorting out the pay for one employee each week or so, as your team grows it gets a lot harder to see what’s going on across the team. Having access to a simple calendar view of your teams’ timesheets can be very helpful for giving you a single glance at how the team are working. 

Our calendar view quickly shows managers their team’s hours for the pay period all in one place and makes it easier to check all hours are accounted for, before approving timesheets. 

Timesheet calendar

4. Removes the human error risk


As smart as we all are, the human error risk is still always there when doing manual calculations. This risk is reduced when you digitise and automate the calculations of hours worked.

5. Easily access timesheet reports 


Further to reason three, digital timesheet solutions like Smartly mean you get access to standard timesheet reports used by thousands of other New Zealand businesses. You can drill down by date range, by pay group and by department. 

Here’s an example of the Smartly report generator tool, with all the filterable options you have available for our timesheet report. Then simply download as a CSV.  

Timesheet report

Switch to Smartly today


Make payroll and timehseets way simpler. Go digital and get your first month free! 

Payroll can be complex, we’re here to help make it simple. Smartly takes care of most of the faffing, but if there’s something you want to talk through our support team are always here to help. We offer free support and training to our customers. Sort your timesheets with Smartly.


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Timesheet report
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